A diverse and robust ecosystem for every step of influencer marketing strategy. Check out our pricing packages.

Plan & Manage Your Influencer Campaigns With Ease
Are you looking to search and analyze influencers? Or to jump right into it and manage campaigns as well? Maybe you'd prefer to leave it to our agency to bring the result for you? Whatever it is that you need, you will find a customizable solution that you can tailor to your specific needs.
Influencer Search
Discover tool
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Analyze and Compare

Our X-Ray Scan does just that – lets you analyze any influencer profile on the planet with the help of machine learning and AI. Don't know who to look for? Tired of searching through your social media? Try out the Discover tool and find influencers based on your criteria.

  • checkUnlimited searches
  • checkExport influencer profile analysis
  • checkCompare profiles easily
  • check50 profile analysis included
  • checkDiscover tool
Campaign Manager
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Fully customisable campaign management

Manage campaigns with as many influencers as you want. Create a subscription plan that matches your exact needs – no more, no less! Start with the base plan to run campaigns where influencers apply to you (public campaign), or upgrade to work with those you hand-picked yourself (direct campaign).

  • checkAccess to X-Ray features
  • checkPublic campaign manager
  • Discover tool
  • Pro campaign manager
  • Product payment
  • Reporting
  • Sub-accounts and teams
Managed Service

Let us handle it all for you!

You set the objectives, and we handle the campaigns from A to Z. Let the team of experts help build your business through the voices of credible influencers and content creators. Campaign planning, content production, execution, reporting and administrations – all handled by us to save your precious time. Reach out to our expert teams.

  • checkCampaign Strategy
  • checkInfluencer selection
  • checkContent production
  • checkExtensive reporting
All Business plans include
discover Training for your team
discover Instant support via chat
discover Campaign consultation support
discover Campaign set-up guidance
MCN Service

What do you get for your initial revenue share of 70-30% for your part as an MCN partner?

Monetization Private YouTube Channels MCN Partner channels
Able to monetize videos check check
Maximized revenues remove check
Paid features limited check
Multiple advert formats limited check
Premium adverts remove check
Payment threshold 100 USD No threshold
Payment options Bank transfer Multiple options
Payment frequency Monthly Monthly
Instant monetization After a while check
Access Private YouTube Channels MCN Partner channels
Ownership over channel check check
Verified status check check
Managed status remove check
Dispute claims check check
Content ID remove check
Rights management remove check
Direct technical support remove check
Direct contact to YouTube remove check
Management & Support Private YouTube Channels MCN Partner channels
Channel management remove Guidance provided
Channel optimalization remove Guidance provided
Channel Audit remove check
Personal partner manager remove check
Channel support remove check
Brand deals remove check
Audio Library check Advanced
Promotion & Sales remove check
Brand building remove check
Safety remove check
Networking remove check
Exclusive events remove check
Cross promotion remove check
YouTube space check check
Music distribution remove check
Service Fee: 3%

While you focus on what's important, we provide an easy-to-use platform and charge 3% service fee.

fast payments
Fast Payment

Can't wait to get paid? We got you. You can get your money on your bank account within 3 business days.

Payment in 3 business days
4% extra fee
slow payment
Slow Payment

Have more time? Just lay back and you'll receive your payment without extra costs to your bank account or your PayPal in 30 days.

Payment in 30 days
No extra fee
PayPal option (+5% transaction fee)
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