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Partner with us and become a standout player in your market.

Transform your business into a dominant force in local Influencer Marketing with our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technology, diverse revenue streams, expert consultation, and user-friendly plug-and-play package. Let us equip you with the knowledge and resources to build a thriving Influencer Marketing empire in your country.

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Get a Full Plug & Play Package

We give you years of experience together with all the necessary tools and materials to ensure your local operation becomes the dominating power of your market. Our tools were created based on feedback from the biggest brands and agencies as well as our own agency needs to provide exactly what you need to operate effectively and become a market leader in months.

Stay ahead of the game

Multinational Experience with Stationery Toolkit

Our experienced global team from Riyadh to Los Angeles will infuse your organization with international best practices and case studies. We provide you with an established brand with versatile proposal- and report templates, marketing- and sales strategy, and examples tailored to your industry to approach clients with ease.

Strong worldwide brand

Global Recognition and Representation

We proudly represent the Post For Rent brand at all major industry events, award ceremonies, and panel discussions around the world, boosting your local business's credibility and visibility. Our global media presence and PR coverage further bolster your brand's recognition and impact. Adapting centralized Post For Rent content to resonate with your local audience through powerful social media channels.

What's in it for You?

Being part of our Global Franchise Network is a guarantee to success in the world of Influencer Marketing.

Brand Recognition

An established international Influencer Marketing brand with global awards and nominations, ready to be yours in your market. Influencer Marketing success stories and case studies from all major industries done by the biggest brands in multiple markets.

Smart Tech Toolkit

The most advanced Ad-Tech solutions for all stakeholders of the industry. A truly pioneer Influencer Marketing Agency software as the center of all your third-party integrations and marketing stack to work on the organization’s fullest potential.

Agency Network Model

No other company offers a complex franchise proposal that allows any traditional full-service, digital, PR, or media agency to become a local key player in Influencer Marketing instantly. Data-based analytics combined with industry know-how and experience will give you the edge over others in no time.

Certified YouTube Partner

As one of the fastest-growing MCNs in Europe, we offer a strategic partnership that empowers you to monetize your AdSense revenue and establish a thriving creator's network. Our collaboration also opens up exclusive opportunities for brands to soar to new heights of success.

Partnership types 

Operate under the globally recognized Post For Rent umbrella as a PFR branded Franchise Partner or be a White Label Partner enhancing your already well-established position in your market.

Franchise Partnership
  • 6 years of global Influencer Marketing experience, technology & third-party licenses are provided to you
  • You can use the Post For Rent brand giving you an international industry relevant reputation
  • Case studies and references from every possible industry by FORTUNE 500 brands
  • You get a global team behind you
  • We give you all essential materials to set up and enhance your local market penetration as PFR
  • A global brand and a proven business model can attract new customers through existing case studies
White Label Partnership
  • All the market experience, technology & third-party licenses are provided to you
  • Everything is customized to your brand, including software appearance, report and analysis templates, sales & marketing materials
  • No need to use or mention Post For Rent as your brand, yet you can still integrate all existing PFR services
  • There's a global team behind you
  • Your current market position will be enhanced
  • No conflict of interest with current clients

Either way, you will be a part of our Franchise Network - an innovative community where members help and support each other without borders.

Franchise Partnership

Post For Rent Turkey

Rafineri from Turkey, as one of our first franchise partners, is an excellent example of Franchise Partnership. The purpose of the cooperation was to quickly become a relevant player in Influencer Marketing in Turkey with the help of an already well-established brand, like Post For Rent. The Partnership starts with the localization of our influencer marketplace and Influencer Agency ERP Software, then handing over all communication materials helping with your local strategy and market entry plan. Throughout the cooperation, we provide constant support and further business development opportunities in Influencer Marketing.

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White Label Partnership

Spike Influencers

In a White Label partnership, you will get access to all the existing Post For Rent softwares, services and other relevant assets. In addition, we are customizing your brand image to all Post For Rent products. At the end of the integration, you will own one of the most prestigious and globally recognized Influencer Marketing software, and you can sell it under the umbrella of your own brand. Our biggest White Label partner is Faden Media covering the GCC region. Thanks to our plug-and-play system, we were able to integrate the software and launch the cooperation just 4 months after the agreement.

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Who have already partnered with us

Meet our Post For Rent branded franchise and white label partners in the global ecosystem.

Viral Edge, Pakistan

"Influencer campaigns are getting more complex with a growing number of content creators. Using the Influencer pool, our campaign managers can handle even 100 KOLs within one campaign and track each aspect of the joint work on their personal card, like related tasks, bio, performance, and more."

Rizwan Ahmad
Faden Media Group and
Spike E-Media, Saudi Arabia

"With Media Plans, we can create new proposals, including rate card prices within minutes for the client briefs, and share them via the Client Portal without any single email exchange. Thanks to the system's automation, we can prepare and manage 15-20 campaigns simultaneously."

Osama Bukhari
Managing Director & Partner
Rafineri, Turkey

"In our organization, different teams handle all IM campaign-related tasks, like talent specialists, campaign managers, or finance colleagues. With the Company Performance view, I and other leaders can finally clearly and instantly see all teams' and members' workload, campaign performance, plus the revenues and margins."

Asli Yorgancioglu

Trusted By The Biggest Brands In The World

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Trusted By The Biggest Brands In The World
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