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Amplifying your Influencer Marketing Agency Capabilities

Covering the whole spectrum of functions at any digital or Influencer Marketing agency with AI-assisted processes. Meet the Ultimate Influencer Intelligence Software with major third-party integrations to be the center of your marketing stack.

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Keep your agency ahead of the competition
with the best Influencer ERP software!

Track your organization's todos in one place while making campaign management effortless for the whole team.

150% arrow_upward
Increased team efficiency

Maximize your team's potential with our Influencer Agency ERP software. Boost your finance and talent management team's efficiency without needing to hire more staff to handle the additional workload.

50% arrow_downward
Less administrative duties

Reduce your talent and campaign managers' administrative duties by 50%, providing them with 40% more qualitative time to support their talents and drive new business.

20% arrow_upward
Better team productivity

Easily track and boost your team's productivity with our fully transparent system. Our system acts as the foundation for incentive tools such as bonus systems, leading to a 20% increase in team productivity.

80% arrow_upward
Increased communication effectiveness

Upgrade your agency's workflows and processes with our ERP software. Enhance your communication effectiveness by 80% between management, finance, campaign, and influencer manager teams.

30% arrow_upward
Enlarged cash flow

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your complete financial status and improve cash flow by up to 30% through seamless invoice management with your partners, finance, and legal teams.

40% arrow_downward
Less time spent on paperwork

Our Agency ERP software streamlines contract and document management with intelligent integrations, reducing sorting and signing time by an impressive 40%.

Management toolkit

Comprehensive insights of your agency’s performance

  • Agency workload & incentives

    The software can show accurate, real-time metrics of your different branches’, teams’, or employees’ volume of work and allows you to create an incentive system to encourage competitiveness.

  • Company performance

    In order to be able to prioritize and allocate resources appropriately, you can not only keep track of the managed campaigns per team members and period, but also the biggest clients.

  • Financial overview

    Financial analytics and visualization of the company’s performance at your fingertips! Check out the gross revenues, margins, and highest-spending clients all in one place.

Media Plans & Client Portal

The most effective way to quote

  • Proposals within minutes

    The most advanced Media planner tool designed specifically for Influencer Marketing agencies with an automated content fee calculator, instant modification options, and client sharing. Simplify and streamline the media and campaign planning process seamlessly.

  • Instead of email chains

    Meet PFR’s client site, where reports and long email chains with clients are minimized. Each and every client of our users has a dedicated client dashboard showing real-time KPIs and statuses of their campaigns.

Talent Pool

Expanding roster of your content creators

  • The most detailed profiles

    Use your own Talent pool as an expanding CRM system by uploading all the relevant information, including personal and business details, interests, and so much more.

  • One click away

    Add your favorite content creators to your media plans or campaigns with just a click from your customized catalog.

  • All in one place

    Find every relevant element of the previous collaborations, like messages, campaign details, contracts, and tasks with each talent.

Campaign management & Contract automation

Tailored to Influencer Marketing Agency needs

  • Campaigns with ease

    Boost productivity by automated processes while tracking all of your contracts, content, invoices, payments, and campaign todos in one dashboard.

  • Contract automation

    Automated contract creation allows you to use an EU legislated contract template with ready-to-use customized fields and prepare agreements in minutes, without an error, then share it via DocuSign.

  • Extensive reporting

    Our reports give clients clear insights into the ROI of their campaigns to see detailed results for every piece of content posted by the influencers.


Keep up with the rapidly changing digital market

  • Messaging

    We created a communication center to maximize performance and limit the distractions the account team may face outside of our software.

  • OpenAI

    Tailor-made prompts for quicker, better ChatGPT answers & business data. Emails, copy, quick market stats, anything you would google will be there in seconds.

  • Cloud Storage

    Integrate your cloud service provider as any contract, invoice, report generated or uploaded to our system is automatically saved to the integrated cloud in real-time.


Introducing our scalable packages tailored to meet the varying organizational needs and sizes, each equipped with essential features, toolsets, and integrations.

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Value Proposition
Manage the campaigns of multiple clients simultaneously with AI-assisted automation processes and templates and spare the hassle of the administrative and quoting processes. Effortlessly run numerous campaigns with only a limited team of talent managers by using the aid of AI-powered campaign automation processes while building your own influencer database. Unlock your full potential to manage multiple campaigns monthly, from initial briefing to client reporting, with larger or separated account teams working from your very-own content creator pool. Our comprehensive and customized Enterprise package equips your entire organization, from campaign managers to C-level executives, with an unlimited tool suite to become a dominant powerhouse in Influencer Marketing.
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Contact Sales
Search & Analytics
Profile analysis token 50 75 90 Unlimited
Discover Search token 200 300 350 Unlimited
Comparison Analysis
Campaign Management
Media Plans
Campaigns 5 /month 10 /month 20 /month Unlimited
Talent Pool 25 50 100 Unlimited
Content Library
Campaign Stats
Client Portal
Document Center
Contracts Standardized Standardized Standardized Custom
Business Intelligence
Company Performance
Cash flow
Input Center
Number of users 2 users 4 users 6 users Unlimited
Additional Users $59 /month $89 /month $119 /month -